Blogging – A Sure-fire Way to Increase Your Website Traffic

Regular blogging on your website is a great way to draw in relevant leads through content creation. This is a route that few small businesses take, as it does not result in an instant win. Blogging is a process that can take months or even years to see noticeable results. However, once the process takes off, the outcome can be tremendous.

Here are a few quick tips for those starting out: 

Do your keyword research 

What are people searching for? What obstacles are they facing and how can you help solve them? Easy ways to get ideas is by using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Trends. You can also go on forum sites to learn about the questions and challenges the public posts about and answer them in your blog posts. By doing this, you are showing that your company is an expert in the field. The content you write about is the content you want your target audience to search for; therefore, it is important to find topics related to your industry and to your target audience. 

Research similar articles 

Another way to find keywords, as well as blog post ideas, is by researching similar, existing articles. Make note of the keywords they use consistently throughout the posts to ensure your posts use similar keywords. This will help improve the ranking of the article in search engines. Research competitor blog posts as well, to ensure you’re in line with competition and to post new, fresh content that doesn’t already exist on the web. 

Develop a marketing calendar 

Once you have an idea of what topics to write about, having a marketing calendar will help organise it all and also provide a visual of your work. Find a model that works best with your time and make it consistent. By having a set post-date, it will create consistency for the marketing team as well as for subscribers. 

Include your blog posts on other marketing channels

Blog posts aren’t meant to only be leveraged for your website. The great thing about posts is that they can be used in various marketing channels. Include teasers of the post on social media, for example, to increase traffic and generate new leads.

Inbound marketing is a sure-fire way to captivate and engage with your target audience and is a key component of online success. Focusing your energy on creating content that provides the answers that users are looking for is beneficial in multiple ways: it finds your target audience, allows engagement with them, increases traffic to your site, and improves it’s ranking in the search engines.
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  Article written by Rob Mackley -
Small Business Web Expert, Founder of Red Box Web Design and creator of the pay monthly website package RED BOX ALL-IN™


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