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With the recently enforced GDPR rules stopping many data sharing activities for good, companies of all sizes and niches have had to adapt their marketing strategies to ensure customer information is used more responsibly. How businesses are marketing themselves via email has been transformed completely in recent months in light of GDPR with the use of bought mailing lists and cold emailing practices outlawed. Yes, many businesses have had to get creative in the way they acquire email addresses from new and existing customers to stay GDPR-compliant. 

The adaptation of the email sign up forms used site-wide is just one route to building your customer base and pushing email marketing activities forward once more. But how can you create a better email sign up form and collect the addresses you need to communicate with potential customers and subsequently generate leads? In this blog post, we aim to answer just that so you can craft a high-converting sign up form and reach the people that will help take your business to the very next level.

Demonstrate the value you’re offering clearly

When it comes to any exchange, as a customer understanding what’s in it for you is of course important. These days online users don’t want to fill their email inboxes with spam so make sure your form provides a clear and strong incentive to encourage sign ups. A short description at the top of the form will suffice so don’t be afraid to shout about what exclusive deals and discounts you can deliver as a brand straight to their inboxes if they sign up.

Don’t forget the double opt-in

The GDPR-compliant double opt-in isn’t just useful for online users who want to be clear on exactly what they’re signing up for when sharing information, like their email addresses, with brands. As a business, the double opt-in system will help you harness better quality sign ups. By confirming whether a lead wants to be added to your email list twice, you can ensure that your emails are always directed to people who actually want to receive your correspondence.

Make signing up quick and easy

Whilst adding the double opt-in will increase the number of fields potential leads have to fill out, keeping sign up as simple and straightforward as possible is important. Don’t risk your visitors losing interest by asking for too much information too soon. Signing up should still take a matter of seconds so choose your questions wisely.

The positioning of your email sign up form should also be well-thought-out. You want the form to be visible without detracting from your site’s overall user experience. Pop up forms are popular but can be annoying; analyse your audience and their needs to discover the best placement for you.

Always follow up with a welcome email

Known as the ‘kickback email’, you have the chance to make a great first impression right after sign up. Do so by saying thanks and welcome before directing them to great content or offers.

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