Getting Noticed On Social Media

Getting Noticed On Social Media

Social media is all about interacting and communicating with people. Many businesses are already utilising social media as a marketing tool, not only to promote their brand, but to communicate with their customers too. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, social media allows you to build solid relationships while creating a strong network of followers as well.

But, although social media is a great tool for effective digital marketing, how do you go about getting noticed?

Choose your platform

There are a variety of social media platforms online, but in my opinion, you should focus on one or two because each one has their own specific benefits. Facebook is good for building brand awareness if you sell or service consumers, as it allows you to create a business page for promoting your brand and products. The platform is also good for quick one-to-one interactions using it’s messaging service. Twitter is good for building a large following, and to be involved with current trends and hashtags. Short, snappy Tweets are a good format for brand adverting too. LinkedIn is the number one B2B platform where businesses and professionals are able to interact with each other, which is one of the best websites for building a large professional network.

Choose your content

The best way to get noticed is to write good quality content. You should have something to say and you should be consistent too. Make sure the style of written content fits with your brand, whether its Facebook posts, Tweets, or blogs, the content should still represent your company. Try to mix media, such as images, infographics, or even videos. Remember, content isn’t just writing, and many social media platforms are now compatible to play videos. The consumer will become more interested in what you have to say if you get them engaged in different ways.

Tell a story

Many posts that go viral on social media are funny, but others are the ones that tell a story. This could be a personal telling of how you worked your way up to where you are now. Talk about what happened to you today, something with a moral of the story. What you learnt and how you overcame the obstacle. People naturally enjoy stories, so if you can capture someone’s attention, a story will likely get you noticed. If you tell a story about current trends or events and relate them to your company, you’ll surely get noticed.

If you need help or advice on how to improve your social media presence than be sure to get in touch.


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