Local vs Global Web Design

When it comes to taking your brand online, the possibilities are endless. With the sheer amount of technology now at our, and our potential customer’s, fingertips, online domination can really become a reality for even the smallest businesses. Whether you are a business that operates predominantly online or uses your website to complement the sales you make direct to the public, ensuring your website is on-point is of course important. Designing your website with not just your current aims but future ambitions in mind isn’t easy however. Many companies find themselves torn between their local and global goals when crafting an online platform that works for them and their audience.

Here we look at the key factors that define local and global web design so you can choose one or the other, or strike the perfect balance to harness the very best of both worlds.

Your colour scheme

What colour combination works for one audience, may not necessarily work for another. Make sure you do your research to see what works for local and global audiences. Globally some colour choices could mean bad news for your brand. In South Africa and China for example, the colour red is reminiscent of mourning and as a result, may not be the best choice for positively representing your brand in these parts of the world.

Your imagery

As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Make sure the imagery you use site-wide stands out for all the right reasons. For locally focused websites, choose recognisable images of your office, location or team. Avoid the generic stock imagery used by many brands if you want to send that authentic and community connected message that works so well locally.

Your content

The copy used across your website should communicate your brand succinctly, whether you are looking to connect with local audiences or market to the world. Keeping copy short, sweet, valuable to your audience and on-brand is important for both local and global audiences. Local websites can go one step further to put their distinct personality and local connections centre stage.

Your hosting

It’s not just how your website looks and functions that defines its success both locally and globally. Where you host your website can have a significant impact on the experience your users receive, particularly if you want to go global.

Choosing the right web hosting partner is vital. Those going global should use a company that has servers based all over the world to ensure a local user experience even if you’re not local to the area. The right web hosting plan also matters. Your plan should help you handle the traffic you receive from worldwide audiences without the risk of failures, downtime or slow load speeds.

Whether going local or global, our stunning pay monthly websites are great options for any business

As always, if you want a conversation about getting help with anything you’ve read above, just let me know.


  Article written by Rob Mackley -
Small Business Web Expert, Founder of Red Box Web Design and creator of the pay monthly website package RED BOX ALL-IN™


If you would like a chat to see if one of our pay monthly websites can help you, please drop me an email rob@redboxweb.co.uk to arrange a call.


Julie James

AJW Property

Our Property Website was out of date and non-mobile friendly, we approached Red Box as we had previously had work carried out by them to our complete satisfaction. Again Red Box have created another wonderful modern website for us at a very reasonable price and we would have no hesitation…

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Ian Emmerson


We found Red Box very helpful and professional throughout the whole process of constructing our new web site and very pleased with the end result. We would recommend them to others considering a new web site.

5 Star Pay Monthly Websites Rating

Rob Brookes


We approached Red Box to design and build our new website as we needed to improve our web presence and add credibility to our business. They quickly created a very strong design and following a couple of review meetings they had the entire website finished. We've ended up with a…

5 Star Pay Monthly Websites Rating

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