Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Navigating the complex world of social media can be tricky. There are so many different platforms where you can spend your time: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, To name a few!

Things are not as complicated as they might seem. Take a look at our explanations below to discover why you should be taking advantage of social media marketing, and why it’s important.

Which social media platform is right for you?

Once you find a social media platform (or two) that works for you, spend your time cultivating followers and engaging. The trick is not to spread yourself too thin and be successful everywhere, but rather to focus your efforts. When you do, you’ll see the results in terms of page views and engagement on your blog (if you have one). The purpose of social media marketing is to build a brand and increase a brand’s visibility, through building relationships and communicating with existing and potential customers.


Twitter is a great way to make connections and join conversations worldwide. Some people use Twitter to discover interesting people and companies online, opting to follow their tweets and others use it to get up to. A Tweet is a short message that gets shown to anyone who follows you on Twitter.


Arguably the most powerful social network in the world. Regardless if you are a startup business or an established big business you need to be on Facebook and start engaging with your consumers.


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard for images, where you categorize things that you love and want to remember by topic.


Instagram is the latest big platform to hit our world. Think of it like Facebook, except far fewer words and way more beautiful pictures.As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


LinkedIn is a social network platform for professionals, businesses owners and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a sale executive at a national company, a local business owner who runs a small company or even a student looking to explore career options, LinkedIn is for you. If you’re interested in taking your work life and career more seriously, by looking for opportunities to develop and grow your connections with other people.

If you’d like to see how we’re using social media at Red Box, here’s links to all the platforms we use:


For further advice or tips on Social Media marketing for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  Article written by Rob Mackley -
Small Business Web Expert, Founder of Red Box Web Design and creator of the pay monthly website package RED BOX ALL-IN™


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