The dinosaur SEO tactics that it’s time to stop using

The world of search engine optimisation is always evolving. Although a few die hard tactics remain, each algorithm update brings a new set of rules that have the potential to transform tactics for better or worse. Whilst the SEO scene has moved on significantly since the days of black hat techniques and spammy link building, there are a number of dinosaur strategies still being called upon by businesses who simply haven’t had the knowledge or the inclination to move with the times.

Here we reveal the dinosaur SEO rules that should be relegated to past tense right now, and the techniques and tools that should be used to replace them for better results.

Keyword Planner research
AdWords’ Keyword Planner was once a godsend for businesses looking to complete keyword research in the most convenient way possible. According to recent research the metrics used to support Keyword Planner unlock more problems than solutions. AdWords actually hides numerous keywords that it deems commercially irrelevant to provide inaccurate results, particularly when it comes to volume data. Not what you need when conducting keyword research! Other keyword research tools therefore provide better fits for the vast majority of businesses and deliver a look at the bigger picture.

Getting your head around a new tool may sound like an impossibly annoying feat but trust us, it’ll be worth it. Say “goodbye” to Keyword Planner and “hello” to clickstream data driven tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush and Keyword Explorer.

Subdomain SERP dominationBack in the day it seemed much easier to take control of coveted spots on the first page of Google, with brands experiencing success even able to dominate the top 10 using subdomains and separate domains to target certain queries. Google has become wise to subdomain SERP domination tactics making them particularly unsuccessful.

Letting your content do the talking rather than buying up domains or launching a series of subdomains is now a more fruitful option. Barnacle SEO is also making a comeback. Barnacle SEO involves websites attaching themselves to higher authority sites or websites that are specific to their business niche. Creating directory listings, launching a company social media page or updating your Google My Business listing are all popular barnacle SEO tactics.

Number 1 spot ranking
Getting that coveted number 1 spot is no longer the be-all and end-all. For years, businesses and the agencies representing them have been obsessed with achieving and keeping this top result. SERP featured SEO and long-tail targeting however offers a better return on investment than number 1 spot ranking. Featured snippets are the golden ticket to increased traffic these days providing higher click-through rates than the number 1 position.

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