Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

When it comes to social media marketing, every business and marketer wants to maximise engagement, up the likes and start the conversations that get their corporate profiles noticed by the right people. LinkedIn is no exception, and with the increasing use of hashtags on this platform in particular, it seems more and more business professionals are developing the solid hashtag strategies relied on, on ‘less serious’ platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But the question is – is using hashtags on LinkedIn really worth it?

Read on to discover whether developing a hashtag strategy for LinkedIn is a waste of time or your route to even more social media traffic.

LinkedIn approves, but should you?

With the introduction of the ‘explore the hashtags you follow’ feature, it’s safe to say LinkedIn is making the use of hashtags more beneficial and insightful for its users. The platform is now encouraging users to post and search for specific hashtags to source and manage conversations more easily. To start exploring the hashtags you’re interested in, go to the ‘Your Communities’ box and click on the pencil icon to add relevant hashtags to your list. You can also pin your favourite hashtags for quick access and find new hashtags by clicking ‘Discover More’ for suggestions.

Need a little help creating LinkedIn hashtags?

Using hashtags is all well and good but using the right ones for your business and its audience will ensure you maximise the benefits and up your #power on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Finding and creating hashtags that directly align with your LinkedIn marketing strategy and connect with your target audience is all about research. Browse the hashtags used by influencers within your industry sector and see what your competitors are doing hashtag wise on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. 

Paying attention to how hashtags are used with supporting content is also important. Using hashtags that are popular or trending is another worthwhile step in the right direction. is a great little tool that helps you see just how popular certain hashtags are. Whilst tool Tagdef
 can be used to gain a greater understanding of how hashtags are being interpreted by audiences.

How can I develop an effective hashtag strategy?

With the right tools and research, developing a hashtag strategy is simple. Most brands have a list of hashtags for inspiration, and refreshing this list based on the most up-to-date goings on in your industry will keep hashtag use as powerful as it should be. Your LinkedIn hashtags can also influence content creation for your brand, giving you the means to convert social media followers into customers.

I hope you found that useful and as always, if you want a chat about anything in this article, please just drop me an email.

  Article written by Rob Mackley -
Small Business Web Expert, Founder of Red Box Web Design and creator of the pay monthly website package RED BOX ALL-IN™


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