Why isn’t my Digital Marketing paying off?

So you have just created and put live your new website but you aren’t immediately hitting the top spot on Google or maybe your social media isn’t gaining much organic engagement. Digital marketing takes time to see effects, you have to keep trying different methods and different types of posts to see what works for your sector.

Let’s take a look to see why you might not be getting as faster responses you would have hoped for.

Local or Global?

If you are working within a pretty unique sector, this can be a huge bonus for your marketing as there will be less competition, which can lead to more enquires for your business. Whereas if you are within a competitive sector, then you may have experienced your marketing is taking it’s time to show results. If this is you, then you are reading the right post.

When it comes to your sector, you need to determine if you are a local or global company. If you are like us who aim towards the local, these steps in this post will massively help your marketing. If you aim globally then you would need to take different steps to help your marketing.

Another element to consider when choosing to market locally or globally is where do you want to show within search engines? As if you want to show up within a local search, utilising your town as a keyword will help you gain that top spot. It will also help with gaining local customers as if you were looking for a plumber you would search “plumber” with your local town at the end.

Whereas if you want to show for the whole of the UK or even worldwide, it’s best to begin by aiming your search engine locally. This is because if you have a new website it does take time to calade all the data and give you a spot on Google. If you begin by trying to gain the top spot within your town, then you can expand to your county then go to the whole of the UK or worldwide.

Am I B2B or B2C?

Aiming towards Business’ and Consumers are two completely different approaches and choosing which social platform to use will actually play a massive part. B2B will need to have a professional approach, more wordy paragraphs rather than a chatty tone. Linkedin will be the most helpful for this approach.

For B2C you usually will use a more laid back but still professional tone to your audience, as you want to entice customers to your brand. Facebook and Instagram are the platforms that will help you gain a following.

How do search engines actually work?

So you have your newly designed website, or you have amended your current site. Maybe you have a blog, but if you have any of these then you still won’t see lots of traffic straightaway. Google takes time to scan through your website, seeing whether your content is relevant and also they need to index those pages.

Google uses masses of complex algorithms, which your website has to meet before ranking your website.

This is why making sure your search engine optimisation (SEO) is complete for your website.

Also researching into gaining the best SEO will help your business grow, massively. It’s a good idea to ask your customers what they search to find you as you can utilise these words as keywords for your site. Then you can optimise these on your content pages, which will positively make your website more relevant, helping you gain that top spot on Google.

For example if you were a dentist, then your customer might search “tooth whiting” to get to your website. This means if you have a page called “tooth whiting” optimising this will help you massively to become more relevant to Google.

Why should I utilise Social Media?

Social Media is a highly powerful platform for keeping a relationship with your client, it’s also good for gaining new customers and getting your web presence known. I think everyone and their nan knows how to set up an account but it takes hard work and determination to gain a huge response.

Aiming your content to your target market is important but building a following of people in your target market is a bit more difficult. Aim to create a society of people who will engage with your brand, even join groups through Facebook that are in your sector and get your company noticed. If you post appealing content and engage to your followers, then the number of followers will slowly increase.

Pay Per Click

If you want to create traffic quickly, then PPC is a good idea to look into. Pay per Click is an online advertisement used to drive traffic to websites. The website owner will then pay when the ad has been clicked on. You will usually see the ads right at the top of a Google search page, this is because people are more likely to click onto this.

With PPC you can utilise this through your social media to increase your referral engagement. All social media platforms offer a post increase. This will create an ad on the platform to advertise your company. With these, you can usually set a limit on how much you would like to pay for a day. The more you pay the most people it will reach.

You can also set these to go either globally or locally, so knowing where you want your company to reach its customers is highly important.

Emailing Marketing

Email marketing is another factor that can increase your traffic, it can help you to build and maintain relationships with customers, also to gain new customers. What marketing you do is all dependant on your sector. Some examples can be a monthly newsletter, a few emails a month which can include blogs, advice, maybe even discounts.

Email marketing is a good way to get your company remembered, as customers may use this as a way to recognise your brand. It’s also good to get new customers on board as you can give them the information they are after more easier and quicker.

Referral Marketing

The last marketing method that I am going to talk about is referral marketing, this is where you promote products or services through referrals. This is typically word of mouth. Usually, you can find networking events, where a group of people will meet and you will have people from different sectors included. This is to get your business known, but it’s also good as if you were to know someone who needed a particular service and there was someone as your event that was part of that sector, then you can recommend them.

It’s a great way to increase sales and traffic towards your company, but it also gets you to build relationships with new people.

If you were interested in joining a networking group and you are from the Staffordshire area, then Networkin is a great choice.

Advice from Red Box

With your marketing activities, you need to ensure that you are planning and putting across the best content that you can produce. If you begin this, the results will slowly start increasing. Always make sure to set goals but make these achievable. Even set yourself SMART objectives and give yourself a time scale to increase engagement on Facebook, for example. Look at the bigger picture in all situations and you will soon realise that the results will increase and the hard work has paid off. But you will need to consistently carry this on if you want the results to stay.

Alternately, we offer Social Media, SEO and PPC packages which can take the hard work off your hands. Contact us today if this sounds what your business needs.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely day.

Megan Smith.


  Article written by Rob Mackley -
Small Business Web Expert, Founder of Red Box Web Design and creator of the pay monthly website package RED BOX ALL-IN™


If you would like a chat to see if one of our pay monthly websites can help you, please drop me an email rob@redboxweb.co.uk to arrange a call.


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