Why Live Chat is the gift that keeps on giving

It’s important to provide a good customer service experience; to all types of customers, including potential, new and existing customers. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to know that quality customer service plays a crucial role in business. Although it can take extra resources, time and money, good customer service leads to customer satisfaction. Your customers are the ones who spread the word about you and help grow your customer base through word of mouth.

Many businesses have been adding live chat to their website’s to provide real-time answers rather than having potential customers leave their websites. Real-time chatting with a real person not only builds customers‘ confidence during their browsing experience, but also helps to improve your conversion rates.
Below are 4 reasons why we think live chat is a great idea.

People trust people, not pagesSmall businesses are finding it increasingly hard to gain their online customers’ trust. When used right, a chat window can show customers you are easy to contact and help them put a human face on your company. This is where small companies win the trust game. Big corporations outsource their customer care and tend to have more of a faceless service. Small business owners, on the other hand, often take care of customer service themselves and not only do customers feel appreciated, but it also helps to build trust a lot faster.

Live chat for research
The information that you receive in the live chat sessions will identify problems that your customers are facing either with your website or your product/service. You will have insight into the needs of your target market and be able to pro-actively change your business or your website to cater for these needs.

Each person is an individual and everybody likes to communicate differently, by adding live chat to your website you are covering all your bases. Regardless of how much content you’ve created, visitors still have questions, which makes a live chat feature to get instant answers, very useful. Some people may still call and some will email but at least they will have the option.

Turn more visitors into leads
It’s often a big step for a website visitor to take action on your website and submit an enquiry or pick up the phone and call you. Having a live chat makes that initial contact with you less of a commitment. If a visitor isn’t sure about something and just wants to ask a quick question, then they’re more likely to do so if there’s a chat window on your website. This means that you have now initiated a conversation with a potential customer that may have just left your website taking no action if there hadn’t been a chat box available. The outcome of this is simple – more leads for your products and services.

There are 3 types of chat system you could use for your website.

1. Self-managed chat box
This is where you install a chat window on your website and manage it yourself. For this to work, it’s important to have the resources in-house so that you can respond to questions within 20-30 seconds at the times your customers/potential customers are using your website.

2. Professionally managed chat service
This is a fantastic solution if you sell a high-value product or service, as capturing just a few extra leads each month can far outway the cost of a managed chat services. The way this works, is the chat company have a team of chat professionals who have a screen with all the information they need about your company so can deal with most initial questions that a potential customer might have. Whilst answering any questions, they’ll try and get the contact details of the visitor and arrange a call back.

3. Automated chatbots
If you have a simple product or service and people ask the same questions time and time again, then you could implement an automated solution that looks for keywords in the message being typed and gives an answer based on these keywords. Due to the automation, it’s a cheap option that can work for certain businesses.

Apart from providing your customers with excellent customer service, live chat will help you generate more sales and improve your bottom line and that alone should have you itching to add a live chat tool to your website today!

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  Article written by Rob Mackley -
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