How Has Google’s Recent Algorithm Update Affected Your Business?

November 2018

Summer saw a number of changes for the online world with Google’s algorithm update big news. Rolled out from the 1st August, this core algorithm update saw a number of changes…

Advertising Your Business in 2018 and Beyond – an Essential Guide

November 2018

With the online world more congested and competitive than ever, giving your company extra edge to get seen online has become even more important. As well as refining your marketing…

Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

November 2018

When it comes to social media marketing, every business and marketer wants to maximise engagement, up the likes and start the conversations that get their corporate profiles noticed by the…

The dinosaur SEO tactics that it’s time to stop using

October 2018

The world of search engine optimisation is always evolving. Although a few die hard tactics remain, each algorithm update brings a new set of rules that have the potential to…

The Latest Google Updates and What They Mean for Your Website

October 2018

The all-seeing eye that is Google impacts every area of our online existence. Whilst Google’s intervention unlocks a number of positives for both businesses and browsers alike, its domination –…

Unleash the prospecting power of LinkedIn

October 2018

Unlike most (rather annoying) social networks, LinkedIn has carved out a niche that could actually enhance your success. Like many things in business, or even life, who you know can…

4 Reasons Why Buying an Email List is a Big No-No

October 2018

Email marketing still remains a great channel for promoting products or services and raising brand awareness. Most retailers will describe email marketing as their greatest driver of customer retention, which…

Blogging – A Sure-fire Way to Increase Your Website Traffic

October 2018

Regular blogging on your website is a great way to draw in relevant leads through content creation. This is a route that few small businesses take, as it does not…

Getting Noticed On Social Media

August 2018

Getting Noticed On Social Media Social media is all about interacting and communicating with people. Many businesses are already utilising social media as a marketing tool, not only to promote…

Google Strikes Again! Is Your Website Secure Enough to Survive?

July 2018

The all-seeing eye that is Google applies all manner of wonderful updates to make the internet a better place to do business. Its latest update, set to be rolled out…

Branding tips for small businesses

July 2018

Branding tips for small businesses You hear the term "brand" used often when people talk about business and marketing, but what does it actually mean to brand your business? Is…

Improving the speed of your website on mobile

June 2018

Improving the speed of your website on mobile We have mentioned before about the recent announcements from Google stating that beginning in July 2018, in regards to mobile searches, PageSpeed will become…

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Rob Brookes


We approached Red Box to design and build our new website as we needed to improve our web presence and add credibility to our business. They quickly created a very strong design and following a couple of review meetings they had the entire website finished. We've ended up with a…

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Alan Jones


After first looking at the available website specialists in my local area, I approached Red Box to construct my website, which I wanted to be different to many of those already out there. After an initial consultation where we discussed what I envisaged and what could be achieved within my…

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Victoria Follows

Hand Morgan and Owen Solicitors

As a firm of solicitors we wanted our website to have a presence online in order to generate revenue and introduce new clients and business. The brief for our website was to revamp the design which in turn would improve and increase the number of visitors and enquiries we receive.…

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