A picture paints a thousand words – how to label website images

A picture paints a thousand words – how to label website images It’s an age-old adage yet the phrase reveals a nugget of truth about how to label website images…

The New Red Box Website

Like many busy businesses, it can be difficult to find time to work on your own ‘stuff’ whilst you’re busy doing work for your customers. There are the old tales…

SSL Changes

Why your website must be SSL encrypted or risk being penalised by Google Chrome Google Chrome is calling time on unencrypted websites as part of a campaign to ensure all…

When’s the last time you read your own website?

If your website has been around for a year or so then you may be so used to the content that you don't really “see” it anymore. Even if you…

Why do I need a website for my business?

The short answer is so that you can be found easily online with content that reflects you, your services and your branding. With the increased use of social media some…

How to tell if there’s something missing from your website

Whether you website is brand new, or it’s been around for a while, there is always a chance that it’s missing some key information that your customers want to know.…

3 things to avoid on your website

Your website is a vital part of communicating what you do to new customers. It can be a great asset to your business when well designed and the content is…

Have you checked the external links on your website lately?

Your website should be all about you and your business. Sometimes, however, there may be a need to link to someone else’s website. It could be additional technical information from…

What are the top 3 most popular upgrades for your website?

  Getting your new website live and available to your potential clients is a priority for any business. (Which we try to make as stress free as possible for you!)…

How many pages does your website need?

  When you're looking into getting a new website you'll probably have noticed that there's often an option for a “standard five page brochure site”. If your business is straightforward…

Back up your website!

For anyone who does anything digitally or online, the mantra of "back everything up" always applies. Whether or not it gets done regularly or effectively is often open to question!…

Why is it so important to have a good email address?

  So you've taken the time to make sure your company has an engaging social media presence. You've had a professional website built for your business. All your contact information…

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Customer Testimonial


Rob Brookes


We approached Red Box to design and build our new website as we needed to improve our web presence and add credibility to our business. They quickly created a very strong design and following a couple of review meetings they had the entire website finished. We've ended up with a website we're very proud of and that adds great value to our business. The ongoing service and support they provide is very professional and response times are really quick. I'd highly recommend Red Box to any company looking for web designers that are easy to work with and just get the job done!


Carole Chamber

The Stafford Directory

Red Box has offered us an excellent service in getting our website up and running. Not only are the team at Red Box highly experienced, they are extremely easy to work with which has been a great help considering how busy we can be. The outstanding quality of our website has helped us to rank well in Google and Red Box even made sure that our newly designed website is mobile friendly. Choosing Red Box to assist us in creating a website that represented our vision was an excellent decision. We would highly recommend Red Box as they created a wonderful website with little input and they are extremely easy to work with.


Andy Chell

Greenlite Group

When it came to a new design and corporate identity for our businesses, we chose Red Box to assist us with the websites due to their flair for creating concepts in line with our vision. Rob and his team have a natural ability to empathise with what we were trying to achieve and converting that into tangible designs sympathetic to our Company ethos