Search Engine Optimisation

An intelligent approach to search engine ranking success

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool that is essential to the success of any website. Its primary purpose is to increase the amount of relevant and quality traffic (visits) driven to your website. Whatever you may have heard, it’s not just about optimising your website for certain keywords. It’s certainly not about submitting your website to every search engine under the sun either!

Quality and results driven SEO is defined by its ability to devise an intelligent strategy and implementing it with targeted precision.

Our monthly ‘Search Engine Boost’ package covers the following essential  services:

KEYWORD RESEARCH: Before we can effectively optimise your website, we have to identify the keywords which you would like to be ranked high with the search engines for. This is a very important step and the first keywords that you think of might not necessarily be those that lead to achieving the best ‘quality’ visits. This vital process includes discovering the popularity of keywords and phrases, identifying keywords your competitors are using and most importantly identifying which three key phrases potential customers are most likely to use.

  • What you get: Detailed keyword research to allow us to identify the best three key phrases to focus on

OPTIMISE YOUR PAGES: Once we’ve established which three key phrases to focus on, it’s time to optimise your website pages. We do this by ensuring there is plenty of good quality, relevant content based on your chosen keywords.  This ensures that the search engines have enough information about each of your web pages to index them for the appropriate keywords.

  • What you get: Search engine optimisation of your key website pages based on the three chosen phrases

SUBMIT YOUR WEBSITE: The next stage is to make sure that all the important search engines, internet directories and any special interest sites know about your website.

  • What you get: We find the most relevant 10 free directory sites for your business and ensure you’re listed on them.

CONTENT BUILDING: Once we have optimised the existing pages on your website for the chooses key phrases, we move on to adding relevant content in the form of blogs post or news articles. We create and add this content on a monthly basis to ensure that Google sees your site as up to date and highly relevant to the chosen keywords. This ongoing work adds credibility to your website and helps it to build it’s authority.

  • What you get: We write and post one article on your website each month.

LINK BUILDING:  Google wants to know that your site is credible. One of the main ways it judges this is to look at what other websites link back to your website. This is where our link building service comes in. Each month we’ll create an article and then find another relevant website where we can post this article along with a link back to your website. Each time we do this, it’s building up your credibility and therefore helps to improve your ranking in the search engines.

  • What you get: We write and post one article per month, along with a link, on a relevant high authority partner website

Search Engine Boost

£150+VAT per month

Search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy with a lot of work required up front. With this in mind, we ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months on our Search Engine Boost Package.